Product Features - Delivering Emails and Newsletters

Method 1
The simplest way for you to start using CheckBoxMail is to add a link to your current web site allowing your customers to join your mailing list. See Tour 1 for an example.

Using your CheckBoxMail account, you can create newsletters in the form of text emails or html emails and deliver the newsletters to those people in your opt-in email list.

Your newsletter campaigns can be scheduled for any date in the future allowing you control when your information is released to customers.

For instance, let's suppose you are a sporting goods company offering products in many sports. The link on your home page might be "Sign up for our weekly specials newsletter" with checkboxes for areas of interest like baseball, soccer and football.

When a customer follows the signup link, they will be presented with a simple signup screen. Once your customer enters their email address and selects their areas of interest, they will begin to receive your communications starting with the next campaign! To see how a campaign is created, check out Tour 3.

Tour 2 shows you how to define your areas of interest for the customer signup page.

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