Product Features - Using Auto Responders

Method 2
The second way to use CheckBoxMail is to automatically send a set of emails on your behalf. This is what we call "Auto Responders."

How many times has someone asked for information about a product, a service or your company? Or how many times have you asked to send someone information about those same items? Usually, you go back to your "sent" folder and recompose an email.

What the "Auto Responder" feature of CheckBoxMail does is allow you to deliver such an email with automatic follow-ups. For instance, suppose you own a Janitorial Service and a user has asked for more information about your company. Using the "Auto Responder" feature, you would have up to 6 emails primed and ready to go. The first could introduce your company, the second would automatically be sent at 4 weeks describing more about your services and some tricks you use to keep an office clean and the third could be automatically sent at 8 weeks.

The idea is that you no longer have to manually send follow-ups. Instead, let CheckBoxMail continue to sell while keeping potential customers informed about the benefits of your company!

Check out Tour 4 to see a sample of building Auto Responders as part of your CheckBoxMail account!

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