As mentioned on our home page, don't fall into unprofessional email practices like spam. Below is a list of pitfalls that CheckBoxMail can help you avoid:

What are the pitfalls of a home-grown marketing effort?
  1. NO TIME! Unless you are a technology company, you probably should not be spending your valuable time trying to manage email. And, unless you are totally organized, your message may have a hit and miss feel to your customers. Do your customers think that's the way you run your entire business?

  2. EXPENSIVE HARDARE, SOFTWARE AND STAFF! Avoid software and hardware purchases. With CheckBoxMail.com, there is no hardware or software purchases needed. As long as you have access to the Internet and a web browser, you have everything you need to manage your online campaign. To top it off, when new features are added to the CheckBoxMail site, you have immediate access to those features.

  3. INCONSISTENT AND INTERMITTENT MESSAGE! Have you ever had a client ask you to send them an email describing your product or service? You know you just sent such an email to another client, but where did you put it? Imagine having that message pre-composed and ready to deliver on demand. Then, imagine up to six automatic follow-up messages to follow the initial messages. All with a consistent story!

    For example, suppose you are in a conversation with a client who is interested in your company. You could ask them for permission to send them some information about your company. Using your online admin tools, you add them to the list of customers in your CheckBoxMail account. That customer would get the first message and then a message once a month for the next six months or whatever time you define.

  4. NO WAY TO OPT-OUT! Nothing will aggravate your customer as much as the perception that you are contributing to his/her collective spam each day. Thus each email message sent from your CheckBoxMail gives your customer the ability to opt-out. Keep the control in your customer's hands!
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