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CheckBoxMail is used to deliver monthly newsletters, important company announcements and specifically requested product and service updates. It can be used with your current web site and other marketing efforts and requires no software or hardware purchases.

The emails you send using CheckBoxMail can be nicely formatted html newsletters text emails or a combination of both. The primary difference between just sending email to your customers and using CheckBoxMail is that CheckBoxMail manages your customer contact list and sends only the messages authorized by your clients thus leaving them in control.

CheckBoxMail has two primary methods for delivering such permission based email to your clients and both services are part of every CheckBoxMail product offering.

Using CheckBoxMail - Method 1
 Delivering Emails and Newsletters Learn More

Using CheckBoxMail - Method 2
 Using Auto Responders Learn More

Online Administration Tools
When you sign up for CheckBoxMail, you are given access to your own set of administration tools. The tools are simple to use and only require that you have access to the Internet and a web browser!

From your personal login, you will be able to manage the specific checkboxes on your sign-up page, manage your customer list, manage your email marketing campaigns and newsletters and create your Auto Responder messages.

Message Tracking
CheckBoxMail offers an option called Message Tracking. The tracking service helps you evaluate the effectiveness ratio of your outbound email messages by creating click through links on the emails. For example, if you deliver a monthly specials newsletter with a link to your web site, the tracking service allows you to see just how many of the sent emails led to real click throughs.

Managed Newsletter Service
If you want to deliver a professional html newsletter, but don't have the time to create it or the capability to do so, the full time graphics and programming staff at CheckBoxMail is here to help. We can create a professional look for your monthly correspondence and manage your monthly campaigns based on your requirements.

Avoid the Pitfalls of Home Grown email campaigns
Do you have any of these problems? If so, use CheckBoxMail to get your email marketing under control.

See It Work
If you would like to receive 3 sample Auto Responders, "Sample Auto Responder". The first email will be sent immediately, the second email will be sent in 1 week and the 3rd email will be sent in 2 months!

Pricing details can be found on the Pricing Page.

More Details
To learn more about the benefits of CheckBoxMail, go to our "2 Minute Tour" section of the web site where we continue to describe how to use the service.

Sign Up
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