2 Minute Tour (FAQ's)

Listed below are several Frequently Asked Questions about using CheckBoxMail answered as Two Minute Tours. Each of the guided tours includes screenshots and should take less than 2 minutes to read!

Tour One:
  What would my customer see when they
  sign-up for my newsletter? Take the tour!

Tour Two:
  How do I define which checkboxes are
  displayed on my customer signup page? Take the tour!

Tour Three:
  How do I create and send a newsletter? Take the tour!

Tour Four:
  How do I create Auto Responders? Take the tour!

Tour Five:
  How would my customers opt-out of my emails? Take the tour!

Tour Six:
  How would Wildfire manage my email marketing campaigns? Take the tour!

Tour Seven:
  How do I get this service? Request Signup
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