Tour 1

What would my customer see when they sign-up for my newsletter?

The first thing your customer would see is your current web site. That's right, all you need to do is create a simple link on your web site to your CheckBoxMail signup form. In Figure 1 below, we start with a sample web site for a company called Tri-State Sporting Goods which has added such a link.

Figure 1

When your customer clicks on the link, they will see a pop-up screen similar to the screen shown in Figure 2. Note that you define which fields are displayed in the form and you define which checkboxes are presented. You can learn more about how to define checkboxes in tour 2 .

Figure 2

Now, when your customer selects the "Submit" button, they are added to your managed CheckBoxMail database. If you are using the "Auto Responder" feature, they will instantly receive their first message. That message can serve as feedback to a successful signup.

The entire process is meant to be simple and quick! As a matter of fact, it probably took you longer to read about the process than it did for your customer to signup!

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