Tour 2

How do I define which checkboxes are displayed on my customer signup page?

Use your login and password to login to your administration tools. This login area can be found at The screen should look like Figure 1.

Figure 1

Once you are logged in and viewing the Main Menu, select "Manage Checkboxes"

Figure 2

After selecting the "Manage Checkboxes" link, you will see a screen like the one in Figure 3 which contains a list of your current checkboxes on the right and an Add CheckBox area on the left. To add a checkbox, just type in the Name of the checkbox and an optional description. After pressing the "Add Checkbox" button, you should see it displayed in your list of checkboxes on the left.

Select the "Edit" or "Delete" button next to the CheckBox name to make a change for one of your current checkboxes.

Figure 3

The checkboxes you create in this area of your administration tools will be the same set of checkboxes displayed on your customer signup form!

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