Tour 5

How would my customers opt-out of my emails?

Every email whether text or html sent to your customers has very specific instructions on how to remove their email from your list. This gives the control to the customer and removes you from the email maintenance role. Remember the pitfalls of trying to manage your own list? Make sure you give an opt-out option for your customers!

The instructions for opting out of your list are displayed at the bottom of the email and link to a site that looks like Figure 1 below.

Sample Delete Me Screen

After a customer has been removed from your list, you will no longer be able to send messages to that address until they opt-in as in Tour 1. Note also that in Figure 1, your customer has the option of updating their checkboxes. For example, a user may no longer want to receive information about soccer, but still like to know about your specials.

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